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Turkish Dried Mulberry

Turkish Dried Mulberry
Turkish Dried Mulberry
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Sweet or sweet, yummy or yummy white mulberries, which can be found only in one or two months of the year, were collected fresh all year round, dried completely and with natural and healthy methods and made it available on shelves. Mulberry dry to sweeten its mouth. It's up to you to enjoy this wonderful fruit. Natural Antibiotic As a natural antibiotic, dry mulberry helps to cure many diseases. * Dry mulberry mouth, tonsils, throat and sores in wounds helps to improve inflammation. * Eczema treatment. * Dry mulberry has antipyretic properties. * Cough cuts. * Strengthens the immune system. * Dry mulberry is consumed in an empty stomach and contributes to the operation of the intestines and has diuretic properties. * Provides regular work in the stomach and intestines. * Iron content of dry mulberry prevents anemia. * Good for liver. * Prevents arteriosclerosis. * Has liver strengthening effect. Try it this way You can sweeten your mouth by consuming only dry mulberry and it is also compatible with yellow chickpeas and nuts. Another consumption option is to adapt to sour apples especially in the summer and consume cold and cold.

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