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Turkish Natural Carob

Turkish Natural Carob
Turkish Natural Carob

Carob is an unusual, tasty and energy-saving plant from the legumes family of Mediterranean countries. In this context, we grew up in our country, freshly picked from the fresh branches, we extracted the essence for you and ensured that it takes place in peace of mind to be able to eat healthy in the environment. Very Consumed in Winter Where carob nose is good for viral infections such as clutches and respiratory diseases. Therefore, winter consumption is very versatile. * Carob cleaning helps to heal influenza and other viral diseases. * Carob is consumed during the winter of intense asthma, provides the effectiveness of nerve diseases such as bronchitis. * Has a therapeutic effect on all diseases related to the common cold. * Carob with plenty of potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron content. * Includes calcium and iron intake before consumption, women and children are insignificant. Calcium affects children's bone development and prevents bone resorption in women, while iron is good for anemia. * It is a powerful antioxidant, it slows down aging and carries the risk of cancer. * It has a very pulp structure. In this way, it regulates and protects the digestive system. * Adjusts to lower malignant cholesterol in the blood. * Mental development and memory in children. * Gives energy, keeps the body strong and in shape.

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