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Brand: Stamboul Bazaar Model: KURUMEY-19
Natural Magic Chips (Hatay Cips)These magical chips, which contain corn flour, potatoes and salt, are indispensable for children. These magic chips, which have become the colorful flavor of fun times, are extremely suitable for cinema enjoyment, snacks and treats. In its raw form, it has a hardness ..
Brand: Stamboul Bazaar Model: DriedFruits-022
Sweet or sweet, yummy or yummy white mulberries, which can be found only in one or two months of the year, were collected fresh all year round, dried completely and with natural and healthy methods and made it available on shelves. Mulberry dry to sweeten its mouth. It's up to you to enjoy this won..
Brand: Stamboul Bazaar Model: DriedFruits-021
Carob is an unusual, tasty and energy-saving plant from the legumes family of Mediterranean countries. In this context, we grew up in our country, freshly picked from the fresh branches, we extracted the essence for you and ensured that it takes place in peace of mind to be able to eat healthy in t..
Brand: Stamboul Bazaar Model: KURUMEY-03
Turkish Natural Dried Fig ChipsTurkish Dried Fig Chips is a healthy snack prepared by completely drying the freshly picked figs in the season with very special drying methods. Figs, which are freshly picked in the season, begin their adventure by washing them with plenty of water. After washing..
Brand: Stamboul Bazaar Model: KURUMEY-16
Turkish Natural Freeze Dried AppleTurkish Natural Freeze Dried Apple have a more intense flavor and contain more fiber than fresh apples. When the apple is dried, the value of active ingredients and valuable vitamins increases significantly. Therefore, it always keeps the stomach healthier than..
Brand: Stamboul Bazaar Model: KURUMEY-17
Turkish Natural Freeze Dried BlackberryTurkish Natural Freeze Dried Blackberry is a type of bush fruit. For this reason, it can be called the shrub beauty. It is a pleasant plant to collect and eat, which is in the class of dark colored fruits. Blackberry is a great snack for those who cannot g..
Brand: Stamboul Bazaar Model: KURUMEY-14
Turkish Natural Freeze Dried StrawberryAttracting attention with its benefits as well as its beauty, strawberries have many positive effects on the body when consumed regularly. Although it has many benefits, it should be consumed carefully due to its sugar content. Consuming 7-8 strawberries a day ..
Brand: Stamboul Bazaar Model: KURUMEY-11
Turkish Natural Sun Dried Apple ChipsTurkish Natural Sun Dried Apple Chips have a more intense flavor and contain more fiber than fresh apples. When the apple is dried, the value of active ingredients and valuable vitamins increases significantly. Therefore, it always keeps the stomach healthie..
Brand: Stamboul Bazaar Model: KURUMEY-21
Turkish Natural Sun Dried Apricots (Leaf Type)Among the main benefits of dried apricots is that it is good for the intestinal problem many people suffer from. Containing high fiber, dried apricots provide a feeling of satiety for a long time and help to stay full while dieting. It does not gain weig..
Brand: Stamboul Bazaar Model: KURUMEY-06
Turkish Natural Sun Dried BananaTurkish Sun Dried Banana is the dried form of freshly consumed banana. Dried Bananas can be used as a snack as well as in desserts and puddings, and you can add them to your cakes and cakes. Especially preferred by dieters, dried banana, forms the core of the banana. ..
Brand: Stamboul Bazaar Model: KURUMEY-18
Turkish Natural Sun Dried BlueberryIt is a fruit of the vines group that grows on evergreen dwarf shrubs and belongs to the Oxycoccus family of the Vaccinium genus. It can also be found in acidic marshes in the cold regions of the northern hemisphere. The proanthocyanidins contained in the fruit giv..
Brand: Stamboul Bazaar Model: KURUMEY-01
Turkish Natural Sun Dried Cherry TomatoesWhat Is The Dried Tomato , How Is It Produced, What Are The Sales Types?Dried tomato is the dried form of fresh Turkish tomato. During drying process, the water in the product evaporates and the product remains its essence part. Therefore, the nutritional val..
Brand: Stamboul Bazaar Model: KURUMEY-02
Turkish Natural Sun Dried CoconutTurkish Sun Dried Coconut is a food with high energy value. There are 662 calories in every 100 grams of Dried Coconut. Dried coconut, which has many benefits for the human body, is presented to you in the form of thin slices on our site. You can use Turkis..
Brand: Stamboul Bazaar Model: KURUMEY-04
Turkish Natural Sun Dried KiwiTurkish Sun Dried Kiwi, dried and packaged untouched, is a food recommended for growing children. Dry kiwi has a combination of protein, vitamin C and carbohydrate. Dried Kiwi, dried in slices, taste buds are intact. Turkish Sun Dried Kiwi, which can be consumed as herb..
Brand: Stamboul Bazaar Model: KURUMEY-09
Turkish Natural Sun Dried LemonTurkish Natural Sun Dried Lemon is the dried form of fresh lemon. Lemon contains about 88% water in essence. During drying, the water in the lemon evaporates and the essence of the lemon remains. For this reason, the nutritional values of dried fruits, especially carbo..
Brand: Stamboul Bazaar Model: KURUMEY-08
Turkish Natural Sun Dried LimeTurkish Natural Sun Dried Lime, available in many varieties, is smaller in size than a lemon. It grows widely in tropical regions, warm climates. This fruit is also called lime in many places besides its name lime.Benefits: • Lime, supports the smooth function..
Brand: Stamboul Bazaar Model: KURUMEY-12
Turkish Natural Sun Dried MangoTurkish Natural Sun Dried Mango is one of the tropical fruits and is rich in potassium containing vitamins A, B and C. When consumed raw, it is more beneficial in terms of health. It is a useful fruit type with refreshing properties used in hair and skin care. Mango is..
Brand: Stamboul Bazaar Model: KURUMEY-05
Turkish Natural Sun Dried Mixed FruitsThe benefits of Mixed Dried Fruit are countless. Primarily, as dried fruits are a food group containing plenty of fiber, it will enable the digestive and excretory systems to work much more effectively. In addition, since there are indispensable vitamins in ..
Brand: Stamboul Bazaar Model: KURUMEY-22
Turkish Natural Sun Dried OrangeOur body is structurally unable to meet its daily vitamin C need by itself. For this reason, vital nutritional value such as vitamin C must be taken from outside in different ways. Orange is the most preferred food for people who want to stay away from drug use but ne..
Brand: Stamboul Bazaar Model: KURUMEY-20
Turkish Natural Sun Dried PeachTurkish Natural Sun Dried Peach contains about 88% water. For this reason, about 1 kg of dried peach is left from approximately 8-10 kg of peach after drying. The nutritional values of dried peaches are particularly high in protein, carbohydrate and vitamin ratios. The..
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