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Brand: Stamboul Bazaar Model: DriedFruits-022
Sweet or sweet, yummy or yummy white mulberries, which can be found only in one or two months of the year, were collected fresh all year round, dried completely and with natural and healthy methods and made it available on shelves. Mulberry dry to sweeten its mouth. It's up to you to enjoy this won..
Brand: Stamboul Bazaar Model: DriedFruits-021
Carob is an unusual, tasty and energy-saving plant from the legumes family of Mediterranean countries. In this context, we grew up in our country, freshly picked from the fresh branches, we extracted the essence for you and ensured that it takes place in peace of mind to be able to eat healthy in t..
Brand: Arifoğlu Model: ARFBAH-23
Turkish Sun Dried Eggplant - Organic AubergineDried eggplant is the dried form of fresh Turkish eggplant. Inside of fresh Turkish eggplant contains approximately 90-92% of water. For this reason, about 1 kg of dried eggplant is left from about 12 kg of fresh eggplant after drying. During drying..
Brand: Arifoğlu Model: ARFBAH-23
Turkish Sun Dried Tomatoes - NaturallWhat Is The Dried Tomato , How Is It Produced, What Are The Sales Types?Dried tomato is the dried form of fresh Turkish tomato. During drying process, the water in the product evaporates and the product remains its essence part. Therefore, the nutritional values ..
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