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There are lots of different type of Turkish Drinks which are most famous in the world. Some of them: Mix Fruit Tea, Apple Tea, Pomegranate Tea, Lemon Tea, Turkish Salep (Sahlep), Ramadan Sherbet (Şerbet), Turkish Rose Sherbet, Tamarind Sherbet, Cornelian Cherry Sherbet, Sekanjabin Sherbet, Cherry Sherbet, Licorice Sherbet, Ottoman Sherbet, Turkish Boza, Turkish Ayran, Turkish Turnip Juice, Turkish Shalgam and more... We sell high-quality Turkish Drinks from famous brands such as Turko Baba, Hazerbaba, Koska, Hafız Mustafa, Vefa Boza and more. You can buy these cold and hot Turkish Drinks directly from Istanbul/Turkey and You do not need any difficult recipe to make them. Original and Fresh Turkish Drinks will be shipped by StamboulBazaar via DHL Express worldwide.
Turkish Boza Beverage-Vefa Boza Turkish Boza Beverage-Vefa Boza
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Brand: Vefa Bozacısı Model: VF-01
Turkish Boza /  "The oldest known Turkish drink ..." - Thanks to the active yeast it contains, it boosts milk production in suckling mothers.- Helps prevent the formation of carcinogenic substances such as nitrosamine in the body.- There is probiotic effect due to active yeasts and beneficial b..
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