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Turkish Plain Halva-Candy (Daisy)

Turkish Plain Halva-Candy (Daisy)
Turkish Plain Halva-Candy (Daisy)
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Turkish Plain Halva-Candy (Daisy)

Koska Turkish Plain Halva-Candy Plastic Box 300g is produced from Tahini (Sesame Oil). The best flavor for your taste is hidden in Koska Halva Products.Koska Company is the one of the best traditional halva supplier in the Turkey. If You want to live real Halva 

Its flavor and high nutritional value made it a frequently consumed dessert.

Halva is made from tahini, gypsum and sugar. Let’s say from the beginning for those who are worried about the sugar in it, you will change your mind when you see the benefits.

Koska Traditional Turkish Plain Halva-Candy with Plastic Box is made with natural ingredients, you can consume it safely.

Halva gives fullness to the stomach, removes sputum, relaxes the stomach, prevents hair loss, is good for diseases such as psoriasis eczema, protects from infectious diseases due to the deposition in its content, is rich in calcium, does not contain cholesterol.

With its intense vitamin B content, it is an energy store, very useful for children of growth age, athletes, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Koska Traditional Turkish Plain Halva-Candy with Plastic Boxis waiting for you with its unique taste, do not stop, order now and meet this unique taste.

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