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Selamlique Dark Roast Turkish Coffee Sachets

Selamlique Dark Roast Turkish Coffee Sachets
Selamlique Dark Roast Turkish Coffee Sachets
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Selamlique Dark Roast Turkish Coffee Sachets

Turkish Coffee is the name of the coffee preparation and cooking method discovered by the Turks. It has a special taste, its foam, its smell, its cooking, its service.

Coffee lovers prefer Selamlique Dark Roast Turkish Coffeee for their exquisite taste and permanent aroma in the mouth.

Selamlique Dark Roast Turkish Coffee is custom made for coffee-lover. Turkish Coffee is traditional and famous all over the world. You should try a cup of Turkish Coffee to feel real taste.

Package style: Disposable sachet coffee containing ground coffee. One package includes 24 or 7 coffee sachets.(each coffee sachet is 7g)
Processing method: Sun dried in natural environment.
Method of grinding: This turkish coffee is milled in stone mill with traditional methods.
Caffeine ratio: 1.2%
Matching Advice: Recommended after heavy and spicy meals.
Product type: Arabica.
Country / Region: Brazil-Rio Minas.
Grinding type: Double roasted.
Degree: Thin
Storage conditions: Keep it in a dry and cool place.

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