• Kervansaray 7 Mixed Regional Turkish Coffee with Mystic Flavor 200g Grand Bazaar Istanbul Turkey

Kervansaray 7 Mixed Regional Turkish Coffee with Mystic Flavor 200g

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Kervansaray Coffee

Kervansaray 7 Mixed Regional Turkish Coffee with Mystic Flavor 200g

Kervansaray coffee is produced with fresh and high-quality coffee beans and other special ingredients. Kervansaray Coffee contains 7 different ingredients and provides special, delicious and mystic flavor. Your coffee is been kept fresh by pack locking system after using.

Contains: Coffee, Cardamom, Menengic (Terebinthus), Coffee Cream, Cocoa, Carob, and Salep
Weight: 200g

How to make perfect Turkish Coffee?

* Add water to the copper or stainless-steel cezve (ibrik), about 50 milliliters (1.7 oz) per cup of coffee desired.
* Add some sugar and Turkish coffee (a teaspoon for per little coffee cup) in Cezve and mix well it before cooking. (The amount of sugar and coffee amount should be adjusted according to your preference.)
* Cook it and remove Cezve immediately when you see first boil to keep foam of coffee.
* Fill the first cup and put the Cezve on the fire again and observe the boiling.
* Remove Cezve immediately when you see boiling again and repeat boiling step according to cup quantity. 

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