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Turkish Syriac Dibek Coffee (200g - 7.05oz)

Turkish Syriac Dibek Coffee (200g - 7.05oz)
Turkish Syriac Dibek Coffee (200g - 7.05oz)
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Turkish Syriac Dibek Coffee (200g - 7.05oz)

Turkish coffee is famous around the world with its special taste. In addition, many types of coffee with different flavors are included in Turkish culture.

The Turkish Syriac Dibek Coffee is a different Turkish Coffee type and It has a special and different taste. Syriac Dibek Coffee, which is special to the Mardin region, is obtained from double roasted coffee. It is stronger and more aroma than Turkish coffee. The cardamom in it gives a feeling of refreshment after an intense taste.

How to cook Turkish Dibek Coffee:

• Add a cup of skim or semi-skimmed milk in the coffee pot. (Water can be used as well)
• Add 2 full dessert spoon coffee depending on the cup quantity.
• Stir constantly until boiling. 
• Cook over low fire, turn off the fire when you see boiling. 
• You can add sugar depending on your taste. 

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