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Turkish Roasted Chickpeas - Leblebi (Candy)

Turkish Roasted Chickpeas - Leblebi (Candy)
Turkish Roasted Chickpeas - Leblebi (Candy)
Turkish Roasted Chickpeas - Leblebi (Candy)
Turkish Roasted Chickpeas - Leblebi (Candy)
Turkish Roasted Chickpeas - Leblebi (Candy)
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Turkish Roasted Chickpeas - Leblebi (Candy)
Here is the sweetest form of chickpea: Sweet Chickpea.
We get the chickpeas, lovers, lentils, ready meals in our fruits by dipping into the syrup we prepare, and we make them ready for presentation by packing them under hygienic conditions.
Moreover, this sweet snack contains the benefits of chickpeas.
Stomach Friendly
* Chickpea is a protein-rich food and has the ability to keep satiated.
* Reduces stomach acid chickpea reflux and similar stomach diseases, makes the patient relief.
* Chickpea helps at the beginning of the stones in the kidney and bladder.
* Leblebi which has plenty of fibrous structure, helps to work, regulates digestion.
* Vitamins A and E are rich in calcium, iron, copper and potassium. There is a good iron warehouse, chickpea, which energizes and connects.
* Chickpea is for cleaning skin and hair in the nutrients it contains. It is a food that helps in the treatment of the power of the hair bottoms when passing through the beginning of the fractures.
* Has the ability to increase breast milk, pregnancy and breastfeeding process is enriched.

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