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What is Honey?
Honey is an intense, durable, natural nutrient with high vitamin values, which is formed as a result of processing the sweet liquid found in plants and called nectar with some enzymes secreted by the bees. Honey production, on the other hand, requires a lot of effort. It is known that 17,000 bees visit approximately 10 million flowers to obtain 450 g of honey. Our country has an important place in world beekeeping. Especially in our eastern regions, quality and natural honey can be produced due to climate and geographical reasons.

What Are the Benefits of Honey?
ÔÇó It contains many vital substances such as honey, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes.
ÔÇó It strengthens the immune system, provides healing of wounds and inflammations.
ÔÇó It has a regulating effect on the gastrointestinal system.
ÔÇó It is used in cosmetics with its positive effects on the skin.
ÔÇó Increases general body resistance, gives energy.