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Turkish Natural Organic Flower Honey with Polyflora (Multi Flowered) - Egricayır

Turkish Natural Organic Flower Honey with Polyflora (Multi Flowered) - Egricayır
Turkish Natural Organic Flower Honey with Polyflora (Multi Flowered) - Egricayır
Turkish Natural Organic Flower Honey with Polyflora (Multi Flowered) - Egricayır
Turkish Natural Organic Flower Honey with Polyflora (Multi Flowered) - Egricayır
Turkish Natural Organic Flower Honey with Polyflora (Multi Flowered) - Egricayır
Turkish Natural Organic Flower Honey with Polyflora (Multi Flowered) - Egricayır
Turkish Natural Organic Flower Honey with Polyflora (Multi Flowered) - Egricayır
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Turkish Natural Organic Flower Honey with Polyflora (Multi Flowered) - Egricayır

Spring in Eğriçayır Plateau starts from low and reaches to the summit.
Our hives are found at different altitudes of the plateau in certain periods, namely in places where spring, flower and plant flora are present.
We produce organic honey with different flavors as there is different vegetation at each altitude.
Our polyphora flower honey is produced at an altitude of 2,300 meters and above, in a region where the production of bees is difficult, but with high product quality.

All honeys are divided into two categories according to their source.
Flower honey and secretion honey. The best known example of secretion honey is pine honey.
It does not come from the flower, there is little or no pollen.
If flower honey comes from a single flower according to its source, it takes the name of that flower.
(This is called monoflora) Honey produced by bees from many flowers is called Honey with Poliflora.

In Eğriçayır Plateau, which has Taurus plant flora, there are wild wild flowers such as cornflower and Taurus rock thyme. Due to these geographical features and vegetation, our Organic Flower Honey with Polyflora has an intense aroma.

High quality and fresh.
You will find best flavor and tastes with this product.
100% Pure and Organic Honey... No chemical additives...Flower honey... 

Since ancient times, honey has been used as both a food and a medicine. It's very high in beneficial plant compounds and offers several health benefits. Honey is particularly healthy when used instead of refined sugar, which is 100% empty calories.
Here are the top 10 health benefits of honey. 

1. Honey Contains Some Nutrients
It contains virtually no fiber, fat or protein. Honey is thick, sweet liquid made by honeybees. It is low in vitamins and minerals but may be high in some plant compounds. 

2. High-Quality Honey Is Rich in Antioxidants
High-quality honey contains many important antioxidants. These include organic acids and phenolic compounds like flavonoids.  Antioxidants have been linked to reduced risk of heart attacks, strokes and some types of cancer. They may also promote eye health.

3. Honey Is "Less Bad" Than Sugar for Diabetics
Some studies show that honey improves heart disease risk factors in people with diabetes. However, it also raises blood sugar levels — so it cannot be considered healthy for people with diabetes. 

4. The Antioxidants in It Can Help Lower Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is an important risk factor for heart disease, and honey may help lower it. This is because it contains antioxidant compounds that have been linked to lower blood pressure.
Eating honey may lead to modest reductions in blood pressure, an important risk factor for heart disease 

5. Honey Also Helps Improve Cholesterol
High LDL cholesterol levels is a strong risk factor for heart disease.
This type of cholesterol plays a major role in atherosclerosis, the fatty buildup in your arteries that can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Honey seems to have a positive effect on cholesterol levels. It leads to modest reductions in total and “bad” LDL cholesterol while raising “good” HDL cholesterol. 

6. Honey Can Lower Triglycerides
Elevated blood triglycerides are another risk factor for heart disease.
They are also associated with insulin resistance, a major driver of type 2 diabetes. Triglyceride levels tend to increase on a diet high in sugar and refined carbs. Elevated triglycerides are a risk factor for heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Several studies show that honey can lower triglyceride levels, especially when used as a sugar substitute. 

7. The Antioxidants in It Are Linked to Other Beneficial Effects on Heart Health
The antioxidants in honey have been linked to beneficial effects on heart health, including increased blood flow to your heart and a reduced risk of blood clot formation. They may help the arteries in your heart dilate, increasing blood flow to your heart. They may also help prevent blood clot formation, which can lead to heart attacks and strokes. 

8. Honey Promotes Burn and Wound Healing
When applied to the skin, honey can be part of an effective treatment plan for burns, wounds and many other skin conditions. It is particularly effective for diabetic foot ulcers. 

9. Honey Can Help Suppress Coughs in Children
Coughing is a common problem for children with upper respiratory infections.These infections can affect sleep and quality of life for both children and parents. However, mainstream medications for cough are not always effective and can have side effects. Interestingly, honey may be a better choice, and
evidence indicates it is very effective.
One study found that honey worked better than two common cough medications.
Another study found that it reduced cough symptoms and improved sleep more than cough medication.
Nevertheless, honey should never be given to children under one year of age due to the risk for botulism. 

10. It's Delicious, But Still High in Calories and Sugar
Honey is a delicious, healthier alternative to sugar. Make sure to choose a high-quality brand, because some lower-quality ones may be mixed with syrup.
Keep in mind that honey should only be consumed in moderation, as it is still high in calories and sugar.
The benefits of honey are most pronounced when it is replacing another, unhealthier sweetener.
At the end of the day, honey is simply a "less bad" sweetener than sugar and high-fructose corn syrup.

We know that you are looking for good, real honey like everyone else.

If you want to taste real honey, you can choose this real flavor.

We ship to all countries. 

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