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Turkish Honey


What is Honey? Honey is an intense, durable, natural nutrient with high vitamin values, which is formed as a result of processing the sweet liquid found in plants and called nectar with some enzymes secreted by the bees. Honey production, on the other hand, requires a lot of effort. It is known that 17,000 bees visit approximately 10 million flowers to obtain 450 g of honey. Our country has an important place in world beekeeping. Especially in our eastern regions, quality and natural honey can be produced due to climate and geographical reasons.
What Are the Benefits of Honey? • It contains many vital substances such as honey, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes. • It strengthens the immune system, provides healing of wounds and inflammations. • It has a regulating effect on the gastrointestinal system. • It is used in cosmetics with its positive effects on the skin. • Increases general body resistance, gives energy.

Brand: Eğriçayır Model: EGRBAL-09
Turkish Natural Organic Carob Honey - EğricayırIts name comes from the carob flowers that have survived from the Roman period. Our honey produced from carob flowers has a different aroma of carob flower and is highly appreciated because it is a flower honey. There is no cultural cultivation of carob..
Brand: Eğriçayır Model: EGRBAL-06
Turkish Natural Organic Cedar Honey - EğricayırCedar trees are located in the Taurus Mountains of Mersin at an altitude of 1200m to 2000m. Cedar trees, whose homeland is the Taurus Mountains, can live up to 2000 years, have an impressive appearance and a fragrance. Since they are produced according ..
Brand: Eğriçayır Model: EGRBAL-02
Turkish Natural Organic Eucalyptus Honey - EğricayırEstablished in 1939, our eucalyptus honey is produced in a limited number of Turkey's first Eucalyptus forests in Mersin. Eucalyptus Honey is loved and consumed by athletes and honey gourmets who want to discover the different flavors of honey.High..
Brand: Eğriçayır Model: EGRBAL-04
Turkish Natural Organic Flower Honey - EğricayırIt is organic honey produced at altitudes between 900m and 1200m in plateaus and countryside. A delicious and healing organic Flower Honey that you can choose for your breakfast.High quality and fresh. You will find the best flavors with this product. ..
Brand: Eğriçayır Model: EGRBAL-01
Turkish Natural Organic Flower Honey with Polyflora (Multi Flowered) - EgricayırSpring in Eğriçayır Plateau starts from low and reaches to the summit.Our hives are found at different altitudes of the plateau in certain periods, namely in places where spring, flower and plant flora are present. We pr..
Brand: Eğriçayır Model: EGRBAL-11
Turkish Natural Organic Honeycombs Honey - EğricayırOur Organic Honeycomb Honey is produced by our Controlled & Contracted beekeepers at an altitude of 1200 meters in the Central Anatolia Region in the highlands suitable for organic beekeeping by the organic beekeeping method under the control o..
Brand: Eğriçayır Model: EGRBAL-08
Turkish Natural Organic Lavender Honey - EğricayırSome of our hives are located in the lavender region in Antalya for the production of lavender honey every year. Since it is a flower honey, it gets its aroma from lavender flower.High quality and fresh. You will find the best flavors with this produ..
Brand: Eğriçayır Model: EGRBAL-03
Turkish Natural Organic Lemon Flower Honey - EğricayırOur lemon blossom honey is produced by traditional beekeeping method in large lemon gardens in Mersin Erdemli district.High quality and fresh. You will find the best flavors with this product. 100% Pure and Organic Honey... No chemical additives...
Brand: Eğriçayır Model: EGRBAL-10
Turkish Natural Organic Pine Honey - EğricayırPine honey is one of the most known and preferred honey types among honeydew honeys. Pine honey, which we are used to seeing as strained honey, is widely produced in Muğla and the coastal regions of the Mediterranean. It is classified as secretion honey ..
Turkish Natural Organic Son Honey - Eğricayır
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Brand: Eğriçayır Model: EGRBAL-05
Turkish Natural Organic Son Honey - EğricayırThe son bee is called the new bee colony formed by the young queen and young worker bees that leave the existing bees living in colonies in the spring. The breeding of bee colonies takes place by swarms. Honey collected from many bee colonies in the first..
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Brand: Eğriçayır Model: EGRBAL-07
Turkish Natural Organic Thistle Honey - EğricayırOur bees produce our milk thistle honey by collecting nectar from thistle. Thistle plant is an important plant that grows in the Taurus Mountains. The thistle is an imposing plant species with purple flowers and needles at the end of its strong and st..
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