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Turkish Sunflower Seeds (Saltless)

Turkish Sunflower Seeds (Saltless)
Turkish Sunflower Seeds (Saltless)
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One of the most delicious of the sunflower seeds family, they gather the black Turkish sunflower seeds freshly in the full season, extract healthy health, roast it for salty lovers and take their place on the shelves. We know that the moon core fence is a kind of addiction, for us too öyle But let's reassure you: the benefits of salty black Turkish moon cores to our body are not limited to counting. Phosphorus and Zinc Welding The salty black Turkish sunflower seed contains many vitamins and minerals that help the body to strengthen and function. Phosphorus and zinc are opening at the beginning of these. * Salted black Turkish sunflower seeds are a very good source of phosphorus. This feature helps with the layout characteristics of heart and kidney functions. * Strengthens a salty black Turkish sunflower adapter, which is also a very good source of zinc, and helps heal wounds. * Contains phosphorus and zinc to protect teeth and bone health is very effective. * B6 contained in the nucleus helps prevent blood sugar fall. * Abundant amount of vitamin E in sunflower oil has antioxidant properties and plays a role in the establishment of heart, vascular and brain functions. * Salted black Turkish sunflower seeds slow down skin aging.

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