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Turkish Pumpkin Seeds (Saltless)

Turkish Pumpkin Seeds (Saltless)
Turkish Pumpkin Seeds (Saltless)
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We have extracted the pumpkin seeds from the health store, which is the seed of the pumpkin, for you, packing these crunchy snacks as salt-free pumpkin seeds for salt-avoiding people and ensuring that they take their place on shelves. You can't stop eating these saltless pumpkin seeds that can be addictive with their taste? Vitamin and Mineral Storage The benefits of pumpkin seeds, which contain many vitamins and minerals, do not stop counting. * Due to the phosphorus content of pumpkin seeds, it is very useful for tooth and bone health. Phosphorus in salt-free pumpkin seeds is effective in regulating heart muscles and kidney functions. * Unsalted pumpkin seed which is a very good zinc store supports the immune system. * Helps balance blood sugar because it is a fibrous food. * A salty pumpkin seed, which is a fibrous food, helps the intestines to function regularly and also helps to diet due to the feeling of satiety. * Pumpkin seed lowers the malignant cholesterol in the blood, so it is known to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. * Urinary tract, bladder inflammation, such as kidney diseases are also useful for the treatment. * It is a good protein store. * Contains B vitamins and K vitamins.

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