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Turkish Natural Parsley Seed Oil (100% Pure and Cold Press)

Turkish Natural Parsley Seed Oil (100% Pure and Cold Press)
Turkish Natural Parsley Seed Oil (100% Pure and Cold Press)
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Turkish Natural Parsley Seed Oil (100% Pure and Cold Press)It was obtained by cold pressing method.

What Are the Benefits of Parsley Oil?
The benefits of parsley oil have been better understood in recent years, and some important features discovered by plant science experts so far can be explained under short titles.
It's diuretic.
Resolves gallbladder problems.
It renews the cells in the skin.
Strengthens the liver.
It acts as a repellent against insects such as mosquitoes.
Kills germs with antibacterial effect.
It is curative in rheumatic diseases with its antirheumatic effect.
Skin firming feature.
It is effective in removing gastric gases.
Strengthens the circulatory system.
Resolves digestive problems.
Can be used as detox.
It is antipyretic.
It helps in lowering high blood pressure.
It acts as a softener against feces against constipation.
It has an aphrodisiac feature.
It can stop bleeding wounds with astringent effect.
It strengthens hair follicles and accelerates new hair formation.

Recommendation for use: 
It can be used by dropping 3-4 drops into a cup of water once a day. Please shake well before use.

*** Store at room temperature (15-30 ° C).
*** Protect from heat, light and moisture.
*** Keep out of reach of children.
*** Pregnant women are inconvenient to use.

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