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Turkish Dried Figs (Natural)

Turkish Dried Figs (Natural)
Turkish Dried Figs (Natural)
Turkish Dried Figs (Natural)
Turkish Dried Figs (Natural)
Turkish Dried Figs (Natural)
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He collects this wonderful fruit of Aegean from his branch freshly for you, drying it here as an infected snack. The innocent and healing solution of sweet crises figs for everyone is an insatiable taste. Vitamins, Minerals and Energy Storage Shoes can only be found at a certain time fresh figs dried fig resides here. * The content of dried figs contains albuminous substances, organic acids, pectin, magnesium, sulfur, phosphorus, provitamin A, B1, B2 and C vitamins. It is effective in cleaning the rich contents. * It is recommended to clean the dried fig in winter which is known for its good for gribal cleaning. * Fig improves cell growth. * It is very comprehensive for the intestines, it affects the regular operation of the intestines. It also removes toxic drugs from the intestines, helping to improve bowel treatments. * Dried fig is a food for sore throat, bronchitis and cough. * Skin is beautiful. And that's what I think If you want dried figs, choose your almonds or walnuts, you can increase both the flavor and benefit. Moreover, dried figs, almonds or walnuts should be consumed with the multi-purpose for the nervous system.

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