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Turkish Cologne Green Tea - Rebul

Turkish Cologne Green Tea - Rebul
Turkish Cologne Green Tea - Rebul
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Turkish Cologne Green Tea - Rebul

An Asian Miracle Green tea eau de cologne. While green tea helps the skin to be healthy and radiant with the many nutrients it contains, it also suits a cologne with its unique freshness. The softness in the top notes comes from the brew of transparent tea grains compatible with delicious bergamot. The fragrant herbal notes at the heart of the fragrance are the ones that bring the feeling of nature surrounded by the scent of dazzling white flowers. At the deepest levels, you will smell the warm woody scent of sandalwood and cedar wood. Turkish cologne (Kolonya, Eau de Cologne) is the traditional and essential If you host a guest at your home. It has a r
efreshing and odoriferous effect with the best aromatic contents for you and your guests. 

• Keep fresh everywhere
• Traditional Turkish Kolonya
• Perfect Smelling
• 80% Alcohol (Non-drinkable)
• Feeling relaxing and become cool

Volume: 100ml / 270ml

Attention: Avoid direct sunlight

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