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Turkish Candied Chestnut-Special Assorted

Turkish Candied Chestnut-Special Assorted
Turkish Candied Chestnut-Special Assorted

Turkish Candied Chestnut (Special Assorted)

Turkish Candied Chestnut is an excellent dessert and (Another name: Kestane Şekeri - French: Marron Glacés ) has been a specialty in this deeply historical region of Turkey for hundreds of years. This special sweet date back to the 1200-1300s when Bursa city was the capital of the Ottoman Empire.
Bursa is widely known for producing some of the world's finest chestnuts. We sell special, fresh and quality Kestane Şekeri was made by professional chefs in Bursa.
How to Made: First chestnuts are boiled a long time, then dipped in syrup to produce that perfect flavor of candied chestnuts.

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