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Turkish Almonds (Peeled)

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Fresh almonds collected from the branches are packaged by peeling the outer shells and then the inner shells under completely healthy conditions and take their places on the shelves as peeled raw almonds.
Badem, which is a full health store, draws attention with its cardiovascular health benefits.
Heart friendly
Almond is known to be beneficial for cardiovascular diseases due to its beneficial nutrients.
But the benefits don't stop there.
* A strong source of omega 3 almonds to reduce the strong tempered cholesterol in the blood, increases benign cholesterol.
* Pomegranate raw almonds contain omega 3 and useful oils to reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure and coronary heart disease.
* Almonds rich in vitamin E are antioxidants and slow down aging.
* Almond content in bone is strengthened by calcium, contributes to its development, prevents bone resorption.
* Helps to lose weight with fat in the diet almond, is a healthy snack recommended by dietitians.
* Stores energy and strengthens the immune system.
Try it this way
Peeled raw almonds alone are quite tasty to consume as nuts.
Peeled raw almonds, commonly used in desserts, can be sauteed in oil and make delicious rice or added to your salads.

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