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Turkish 100% Cotton Family Bathrobe Set - Nakkısh

Turkish 100% Cotton Family Bathrobe Set - Nakkısh
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Turkish 100% Cotton Family Bathrobe Set - Nakkısh
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Turkish 100% Cotton Family Bathrobe Set - Nakkısh

Bathrobes are among the indispensable parts of dowry shopping, which are in your bathrooms and offer you the comfort after showering with their soft texture. Bathrobes designed with the function of absorbing wetness and moisture in the body after bathing are produced with your comfort and health in mind.

With many models and color options, Bathrobe sets suitable for everyone's style are appreciated for the simplicity of soft tones. Embroidered models, which are preferred in line with the taste and taste of newly married couples, never compromise your style even after bathing with their stylish appearance. At the same time, guipure, one of the first details that comes to mind when it comes to elegance, also includes effective touches in the appearance of your bathrobes. There is a wide range of patterns among the embroidered bathrobe set models. One of the most important criteria is undoubtedly the texture of the bathrobe you will buy. After showering, it should absorb the wetness from your body and envelop you softly. Most of the robe set models found in Stamboulbazaar are made of 60% Bamboo and 40% Cotton, while some are 100% Cotton. Bamboo threads and structure; Although it is Antibacterial, it does not compromise this feature after washing. Mixing Bamboo and Cotton is an important detail when manufacturing robe sets, as the absorption of moisture in the body plays an important role, so mixing bamboo and cotton is important. In order to have a pleasure with your soft Bathrobes after showering, Bathrobe Set Models that shed light on your taste and style are waiting to meet you at Stamboulbazaar.


• Family Bathrobe Set Contents 16 Pieces.
Woman Bathrobes: Medium Size 
Man Bathrobes: Large Size 
• 2 Piece 70 x 140 Bath Towel
• 2 Piece 50 x 90 Head Towel
2 Piece 30 x 30 Shavig Towel
 2 Pairs of Bath Slippers
• 2 piece bathrobe
 2 Towels Washing Pouches
• 2 Scented Soap
• %100 cotton thread
• Long lifetime
• Soft tissue

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