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Sailor Lantern Large Size - Mitr

Sailor Lantern Large Size - Mitr
Sailor Lantern Large Size - Mitr
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Sailor Lantern Large Size - Mitr
Sailor Lantern Large Size - Mitr
Sailor Lantern Large Size - Mitr
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  • Model: MITRFENER-03
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Sailor Lantern Large Size - Mitr

One of the most ideal accessories are Sailor Lanterns. It is an ideal option for both interior and exterior decorations. Especially, it is waterproof and airtight, which shows that it can be used for lighting purposes in any weather. These easy-to-use products need gas oil in order to work.

 Material: Glass / Metal
Height: 30cm


• 10 hour burningpotential
• Wall Hangable
• 500 ml oil reservoir
• Generates 10 watts of heat 

How to Use Lighthouse:

• Open the oil cap and add oil in it.

• Turn off after adding oil.

• Light the fire.

• So you can use the light and heat source.

• You can turn the wheel to adjust the light and temperature.

How To Turn The Gas Lamp Off:

• After lighting the gas lamp, you need to lower the wick to be able to turn off the lamp.

• This method is easier and safer than blowing out the fire.

• That's why you should use this method.  

In order for the lamps not to burn;   

* You should adjust the wick of the lamp well.
* When smoke and soot come out of the lamp, you should reduce the flame by turning down the wick and turn it off if necessary.
* When handling the lamp, you should handle it carefully and do not drop it. 
* Otherwise, the place where it fell suddenly catches fire.
* When the lamp is hot, you should not place it on a cold surface. 
* In this way, when you put the hot lamp on the cold floor, the lamp explodes, and the burning flame inside it causes it to catch fire by splashing onto your belongings with oil.

We ship to all countries. 

Europe: 2-3 business days
U.S-Canada: 2-4 business days
All other countries: 2-5 business days

All orders are shipped via  DHL Express 

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