• Nilhan Sultan Ottoman Turkish Towel (Dark Blue) Grand Bazaar Istanbul Turkey

Nilhan Sultan Ottoman Turkish Towel (Dark Blue)

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Nilhan Sultan

Nilhan Sultan Ottoman Turkish Towel (Dark Blue)

Produced from organic Aegean cotton, this product has been certified with the GOTS-III standard and EKOTEX-100 Class I certifications that each stage of production is controlled and certified.

Product dimension: 50x90 cm

The product is produced using organic cotton, according to organic standards.

In the first washings, the light color flow comes out in the towels and the products produced in the towels which are subjected to special painting in high quality.

It is advisable to wash light and dark products separately.

Products that have been washed should not be kept upside down in wet condition.

It is recommended that products are always washed in full machine. In this way, the product maintains its original property for a long time and also prevents furring and fraying on the product.


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