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Medina Jumbo Date Fruit (Hurma)

Medina Jumbo Date Fruit (Hurma)
Medina Jumbo Date Fruit (Hurma)
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Date fruit is really delicious fruit, which has more benefits for human body.
We ship Date Fruits in %100 sterile packages to all countries. Fresh and high quality Date Fruits.

• Protein, fat and carbohydrates (a combination of all three) is a single fruit.
• The body reduces the signs of aging.
• Pure palm nourishes, destroys pregnancy and sun spots.
• Date Fruit is good for anemia.
• B1, B2, due to the presence of a combination of vitamins strengthens the liver.
• Date Fruit is good for Sore throat, cough.
• Protects against cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
• It contains plenty of calcium and phosphorus and protective features against bone diseases.

We ship to all countries. 

Europe: 2-3 business days
U.S-Canada: 2-4 business days
All other countries: 2-5 business days

All orders are shipped via  DHL Express 

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