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Usaş Turkish Delight Lokumix with Almond 350g (12.33oz)

Usaş Turkish Delight Lokumix with Almond 350g (12.33oz)
Usaş Turkish Delight Lokumix with Almond 350g (12.33oz)
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Usaş Turkish Delight Lokumix with Almond

Lokum has been produced in Anatolia for 600 years. Its first appearance was in the 15th century. It entered the Ottoman palace in the 17th century. It was produced with a soft consistency upon the request of Abdulhamit I, one of the Ottoman Sultans. Since then, Turkish Delight has been produced using the same traditional methods.

Turkish Delight is believed that delight brings happiness to the houses. You can be sure that it will give you happiness. We think its taste will blow your mind. It is produced in completely natural conditions, and you can consume it safely.

Turkish Delight is production center is Turkey. The delight which are manufactured in Turkey is the best in the world is a fact that is accepted by everyone. With this unique flavor that you can consume safely, you can fill your home with happiness. And you can do this with one click. 

We will send you OriginalHealthy and Unique Delicious Turkish Delight from Turkey. Order (Turkish Lokum) immediately and make your loved ones happy. 

We ship to all countries. 

Europe: 2-3 business days
U.S-Canada: 2-4 business days
All other countries: 2-5 business days

All orders are shipped via  DHL Express 

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