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Turkish Natural Antep Pistachio (Powder)

Turkish Natural Antep Pistachio (Powder)
Turkish Natural Antep Pistachio (Powder)
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Turkish Natural Antep Pistachio (Powder)
At the end of the peanut harvest, it is now ripe and the light pink color in its content has turned red.
The roasted red interior of Antep, which doubles the flavor of the desserts, is also a complete source of health.
Benefit in Oil
Powder The benefits of pistachios are countless. Here are some of them:
* Pistachio oil contains Omega 3 and Omega 6. It is considered a heart-friendly food with this feature Pistachio lowers the level of malignant cholesterol in the blood, increases the level of benign cholesterol.
* It is rich in red Antep B, C and E vitamins prepared without roasting.
* Pistachio, which is a food rich in pulp, ensures regular operation of the intestines.
* Opens the pain in the gallbladder and kidneys.
* Gives energy.
* Strengthens the body and mind.

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