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What’s┬áTurkish Delight? Turkish Delight (Meaning: Lokum, Lokoum, Loqum, Turkish Delight Candy) is the most popular Turkish traditional sweet. You can feel the perfect taste while eating it with Turkish Coffee and Turkish Tea.

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There are lots of┬áTurkish┬áDelight recipes to make perfect┬áLokum┬áin┬áAnatolia┬áand all chefs have a special┬áhandmade┬ámethod to make┬áTurkish Candy food.┬áWe sell Turkey’s Best┬áQuality Turkish Delight Candy┬áfrom Grand Bazaar Istanbul.

Best Turkish Delight Brands

If you are wondering about to┬ábest Turkish Delights, let’s start. We sell only┬áauthentic, organic, delicious, and┬áquality Lokum. Best and Top┬áTurkish Delight Brands: Hac─▒ Bekir, Hac─▒ ┼×erif, Koska, Hakk─▒zade Haf─▒z Mustafa, Turko Baba, Hazer baba, Lokum ─░stanbul, G├╝ll├╝o─člu, Cemilzade, Maccun, Safranbolu, Malatya Pazar─▒, ─░kbal, Lokumcuzade, Selamlique, Sultan and more. HazerBaba Turkish Delights are known for their velvety and smooth texture. These are the best brands in┬áTurkey┬áand worldwide. You can buy┬áTurkish Products┬áon┬áStamboulbazaar Online Store┬á(First Company of the Online Turkish Markets) or visit Istanbul to buy in the Spice Bazaar. Stamboulbazaar gives importance to brand quality and┬ácustomer satisfaction.

Is Turkish Delight Vegan (Gluten Free)? Yes, It is suitable for vegetarians people and It is making without sugar syrup on low heat. There are lots of information about the Turkish Delight recipe on the internet.

Turkish Delight Near Me?

You can say: ÔÇťTurkish Delight shops near me or Turkish Sweets near meÔÇŁ Because We ship Turkish Delights and several perfect sweets from Istanbul/Turkey to your door. We ship all Turkish Delights with good packaging by using DHL Express Worldwide. You can buy Turkish Delight online with our perfect delivery service.

About Turkish Delights

Turkish delight, known and loved by almost the whole world as ÔÇťTurkish delightÔÇť, is one of our most special tastes that has survived the years with its deep-rooted history and soft texture. From rose-scented┬áTurkish delight┬áto pistachio, we can make it with a variety of ingredients, from bird’s delight to double-roasted, we can also create differences in its shape and preparation.

Turkish delights are made with citric acid, powdered sugar, starch, food coloring, nuts (hazelnut or pistachio) and flavors. Sugar is boiled until it dissolves completely in water. Citric acid and starch are left to dissolve in separate containers. Then citric acid and starch are mixed with sugar water. In this way, it is boiled for a while. When a spoon is dipped into the mixture, it is checked whether it has a sticky consistency, and it is kept in starchy containers for about 20 hours. As a final process, it is shaped and packaged on a hard surface.

When you learn what he has gone through throughout history, you will be amazed once again and say,┬áÔÇťGood thing we can still find it everywhere, we can even make it at home, and we are glad that we can enjoy it to the fullest.ÔÇŁ

Here you go, let’s learn together what happened to Turkish delights from past to present.

History of Turkish Delight

Turkish lokum, which was an important part of the palace cuisine in the Ottoman period, has hundreds of years of history. The sweet ÔÇśabhisa’, which was frequently consumed by the Sassanids who ruled in the Persian Empire between 226 and 652 BC, is known as the origin of Turkish delight. While Turkish delight was called ÔÇśrahat ul-hulk├╝m’, that is, ÔÇśthroat-relaxing’ at first, it was called ÔÇścomfortable┬áTurkish delightÔÇś in the course of time. And finally, it was called ÔÇślokum’ with modern Turkish.

Its popularity in┬áAnatolia┬ástarted in the 15th century. In the 17th century, it had its most popular time. In the 18th century, travelers took Turkish delight to Europe and introduced it as ÔÇśTurkish Delight’. Turkish lokum has gained popularity here as well.

Mass production in the Ottoman Empire started in 1777. It was originally produced by mixing honey, fruit syrup, and flour. With the invention of starch and powdered sugar, it has experienced taste changes until today.

Turkish Delight Varieties

There are many types of Turkish delight according to taste, production method, and place of production. Here are some of the Turkish delight varieties: bird delight, hazelnut delight, walnut delight, double roasted Turkish delight, pistachio Turkish delight, coconut delight, creamy Turkish delight, fruit mini delight, lemon delight, mint delight, pomegranate delight, pistachio croquant delight, pomegranate pistachio Turkish delight, Turkish delight with saffron, pomegranate and pistachio, Atom fresh Turkish Delights, Rose Leaf Pomegranate Turkish Delight with Pistachio, Chocolate Turkish Delight.

With the use of different nuts and fruits, as well as aromas, many types of Turkish delights that appeal to different tastes are produced every day. From this point of view, we can conclude that even the grandchildren of our grandchildren will enjoy this traditional taste, which has countless varieties such as double roasted Turkish delight, Turkish delights with pistachios, Turkish delight with cream, Turkish delight with pomegranate, Turkish delights with roses. You can find all types of best Turkish delight and you can buy online Turkish delights.

Let’s Taste Turkish Delight

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