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Turkish Copper Coffee Pot Handcrafted - Topak

Turkish Copper Coffee Pot Handcrafted - Topak
Turkish Copper Coffee Pot Handcrafted - Topak
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Turkish Copper Coffee Pot Handcrafted - Topak

Another name of Turkish Coffee Pot is Cezve. Best flavor and smell Turkish Coffee can be made by quality Turkish Copper Coffee PotTurkish Coffee is a popular beverage in Turkey for special moments.  "A cup of Turkish Coffee remembered for 40 years." This is a proverb of the Turks. Turkish Coffee is very important for the Turkish people. Turkish Coffee is an indispensable drink in family visits, business meetings, friendly meetings, marriage ceremonies and many more special moments. The presentation of Turkish coffee is as important as its taste. For a good presentation, the Turkish Coffee Cup and Turkish Coffee Set must have a beautiful design.

Capacity: 3 / 4 / 5 coffee cups
Material: Copper
Interior Coating: Tin
Exterior Coating: -

How to make perfect Turkish Coffee?

* Add water to the copper or stainless-steel Turkish Coffee Pot (cezve), about 50 milliliters (1.7 oz) per cup of coffee desired.
* Add some sugar and Turkish coffee (a teaspoon for per little coffee cup) in Cezve and mix well it before cooking. (The amount of sugar and coffee amount should be adjusted according to your preference.)
* Cook it and remove Cezve immediately when you see first boil to keep foam of coffee.
* Fill the first cup and put the Cezve on the fire again and observe the boiling.
* Remove Cezve immediately when you see boiling again and repeat boiling step according to cup quantity.

*** %100 food-safe structure. High-quality copper body and coatings prevent the teapot from tarnishing. Washing by hand is recommended.

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