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Turkish Cologne Lavanda - Rebul

Turkish Cologne Lavanda - Rebul
Turkish Cologne Lavanda - Rebul
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Turkish Cologne Lavanda - Rebul

Lavender Flowers Gathered Until Dawn. Our story begins with the meeting of Rebul cologne, the lavender plant, which gives a refreshing and coolness with the scent of the Mediterranean. As a result of this harmonious meeting, Rebul Lavanda Cologne, which has been used with admiration for generations and has become a classic, emerges. Turkish cologne (Kolonya, Eau de Cologne) is the traditional and essential If you host a guest at your home. It has a refreshing and odoriferous effect with the best aromatic contents for you and your guests. 

• Keep fresh everywhere
• Traditional Turkish Kolonya
• Perfect Smelling
• 80% Alcohol (Non-drinkable)
• Feeling relaxing and become cool

Volume: 100ml / 270ml

Attention: Avoid direct sunlight

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