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Turkish Cologne Ice - Rebul

Turkish Cologne Ice - Rebul
Turkish Cologne Ice - Rebul
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Turkish Cologne Ice - Rebul

Ice Freshness Whether it is summer or winter, when you open the lid of Rebul Ice, you feel the juicy citrus fruits and notes of water touching your face. Thanks to the mysterious African violet, gentle and transparent freesia, pineapple and green rosemary, which are the middle notes of Rebul Ice, you will get that pure taste of nature. The combination of warm and flashy amber and protective cedar moss that forms the base note envelops you. This fresh fragrance gives you the feeling of ice freshness. Turkish cologne (Kolonya, Eau de Cologne) is the traditional and essential If you host a guest at your home. It has a r
efreshing and odoriferous effect with the best aromatic contents for you and your guests. 

• Keep fresh everywhere
• Traditional Turkish Kolonya
• Perfect Smelling
• 80% Alcohol (Non-drinkable)
• Feeling relaxing and become cool

Volume: 100ml / 270ml

Attention: Avoid direct sunlight

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