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Turkish Apple Powder Tea Oralet - Turko Baba

Turkish Apple Powder Tea Oralet - Turko Baba
Turkish Apple Powder Tea Oralet - Turko Baba
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Turkish Apple Powder Tea Oralet - Turko Baba  

Turkish Powder Tea is very popular among the Turkish people. It sweetens your day with its beautiful aroma. It is a practical beverage product that children and adults will love. Turko Baba products are the combination of qualitytaste, decades of experiencehealthy products and hygiene. You do not need to spend a long time anymore preparing your beverages. 

About This Product:

Powder Apple Tea
• Hot and cold drinkable
• Practical and quick preparation
Net Weight: 300g (10.5oz)


• Pour 1-2 tea spoon powder (100 ml) into each tea glass, add hot water or cold water depending on how you want, mix and your great drink is ready to serve! If you like very sugary, extra sugar can be added or if you want to drink it in a cup (200 ml) you can pour 2-4 tea spoon in the cup.

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