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Turkish 3 Piece Mosaic Corner Lamp - Yeşim

Turkish 3 Piece Mosaic Corner Lamp - Yeşim
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Turkish 3 Piece Mosaic Corner Lamp - Yeşim
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Turkish 3 Piece Mosaic Corner Lamp - Yeşim

Throughout the history of art, people have seen that functional and effective painting surfaces can be created and used by combining colored stones. In time, the technique improved and the world's most beautiful Mosaic panels took their privileged place in Roman and Byzantine art. He gave his masterpieces in Mosaics of Ravenna, Pompei in Italy, Kariye, Hagia Sophia and Anatolian cities and temples in Istanbul. Painting with mosaic technique is time-based and has the ability to exceed time. When used inside and outside of architecture, it reaches a sense of immortality. Just like the mosaic panels that can be seen in Antakya Mosaic Museum and Zeugma in recent years, make us feel the texture and life of the ancient cities of Anatolia. After the 1970s, the Mosaic art began to be forgotten with the choice of ceramic effect. However, mosaic art developed in Anatolia and its history goes back 6000 yearsMosaic lamp, birthplace is Turkey.
If you want to have these magnificent masterpieces, buy this product now.

Material: Mosaic Glass
Weight: 9-10 kg
Height: 80-90 cm
Width: 18 cm
Type: Handcrafted

* High-quality copper body and coatings prevent the oil lamps from tarnishing. Cleaning without any chemical using is recommended.

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