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Original Turkish Anzer Honey from Anzer Plateau (Rize)

Original Turkish Anzer Honey from Anzer Plateau (Rize)
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Original Turkish Anzer Honey from Anzer Plateau (Rize)
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Original Anzer Honey from Anzer Plateau (Rize)

Anzer Honey is the most expensive honey in the world and famous with its curative powers. It contains the highest valuable ingredients coming from 500 different plant varieties in Anzer Plateau. (80 of these different flowers are endemic and only grows on the plateau Anzer - Rize - Black Sea Region Turkey) We can illustrate the power of the Anzer honey with an example, Anzer honey has the highest content C vitamins, 25.44 mg per 1g, while other honey range from 0.5 to 6.5 mg per 100 g. For example, Chesnut (Castanea sativa) honey has 3.1 to 8.9 mg per 1 g. (more about the Vitamin content of honey).

Beekeeper Ibrahim made honey experiments on bears :))) He has changed the locations of honey for each test. He used Anzer honey and other kinds of honey (chestnut honey, flower honey, pine honey) for this experiment. Let's watch the video to see result :) (Full video -Turkish-:

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Benefits of Anzer Honey:

• Treats pharyngitis, tonsilitis, ulceration • Disappears stomach ache • Closes operation wound earlier • Destroy arteriosclerosis and vein hardness • Treats cancer illness in early diagnosis • Improves mouth wound • Disappears broken skins • Increases sexual power • Improves lungs illness • Destroys tonsil infection • Disappears intestine infection • Support growing • Improves brain illness and paralysis • Becomes easy digestion • Gives power to memory • Stops diarrhea • Whets the appetite • Disappears constipation • Improves cardiac insufficiency • Gives power to bones • Disappears barren • Treats indigestions • Treats head cold and flu • Prevents loss of hair • Treats hepatitis B-C • Disappears weakness • Treats coughing • Prevents prostate gland • Treats psoriasis

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