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Gold Q7 Natural Epimedium Macun 240g (8.46oz)

Gold Q7 Natural Epimedium Macun  240g (8.46oz)
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Gold Q7 Natural Epimedium Macun 240g (8.46oz)
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Gold Q7 Natural Epimedium Macun  240g (8.46oz)

It has a treatment effect as well. You can use the daily 1 tea spoon. If you have a headache, do not panic, It is natural food. Just reduce the dosage of paste. So You can find effective and suitable dosage for yourself. If you want to use for a special moment, please use it 1 dessert spoon 2 hours ago before action. Please use on an empty stomach. Do not eat and drink anything 45 mins after using. This product will be effective in your body during 48 hours. It is suitable for use in daily sexual situations and can also be used to treat your sexual problems.

Mesir Paste is a traditional Turkish sweet believed to have therapy effect. Mesir paste was founded as a medicine during the Ottoman Empire period but later on, it became an important part of local festivity in the city of Manisa

Legal Notice:

This is completely a natural product, not a medicine. This item increases your performance and body condition. If you have health problems related to blood pressure, high tension, and heart issues, consuming this product isn’t recommended. Thank you.

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