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Buy Turkish Walnuts from Turkey

Brand: Stamboul Bazaar Model: FA/DriedNuts-016
Turkish Walnuts (Shalled)Get your nutcracker ready for our Turkish walnuts! One of our most popular nuts in the shell, Turkish walnuts are grown primarily in Aegean and Black Sea region. There's something so satisfying about cracking open one of these beauties to reveal the fresh and crunchy walnut ..
Brand: Stamboul Bazaar Model: FA/DriedNuts-017
Turkish Walnuts (Unshelled)If it is not used in many dishes from desserts to salads in our kitchen, it may even be the next one alone, collecting the freshest, most, most delicious ones from walnut for you and picking up a healthy and luxurious walnuts for you.Very Useful for BrainIn addition to bei..
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