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Turkish Tea Pots (Another name is Ƈaydanlık) are really important to brew perfect tea. It has a special design when compared with other tea pots. Turkish Tea Pot has two pieces which are lower upper part and larger lower part. Traditional Turkish Tea Pot is generally made with original copper, but also quality stainless steel teapots can be used to make good tea. There are two important factors to make perfect Turkish tea, one of them Quality Turkish Tea Pot and another one is Fresh-Original Turkish Tea. There are different Turkish Tea Pot Set types such as Copper, Glass, Ceramic, Stainless Steel or Aluminium. There are lots of company produce high-quality Turkish Tea Pot in Turkey such as Korkmaz, Hisar, Schafer, Karaca, Emsan, Tefal and more. If You ask “Where to buy Turkish Teapots“, You can buy on StamboulBazaar Traditional Turkish Online Shopping Center directly from Turkey with the best prices. We ship all products with DHL express worldwide.