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Turkish Sword - Resurrection Ertugrul

Turkish Sword - Resurrection Ertugrul
Turkish Sword - Resurrection Ertugrul
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Turkish Sword - Resurrection Ertugrul

Dirilis Ertugrul Sword is a real medieval sword type. It is one of collectible sword.
Yataghan is famous for its high quality swords. Most of them still use hand forged methods. This swords is a replica.
Length : 35.4” (90  cm)
Material : 4034 Stainless steel
Handle : Walnut tree crafted with rope on it.
Weight of sword : 1000-1500g
Brass between blade and handle.

On the surface there is the symbol of Kayı Tribe.
It comes with its special gift box to keep your sword safe and with the stand to exhibit your sword because it is very sharp.
The dimensions of the gift box : 101 x 21 cm or 39.7” x 8.2”
We have personal details options. You can contact us after your purchase.
Resurrection Ertuğrul swords and axes are being made in Turkey.
The swords used in Dirilis Ertuğrul, which is one of the most watched series of recent years, are made on average in 3 days and are purchased too much by the audience.
Resurrection Ertugrul Sword Leather Scabbard
Don’t forget to add your goat skin scabbard to your Chamois Leather sheath with your Chamois Leather scabbard.

Turkey’s resurrection of the popular series like swords and axes used in the Yataghan Ertugrul done. Turkey, Australia, United States, United Kingdom,
Singapore and the Arab countries Ertugrul Ghazi’s lovingly watched series in the use of the sword in great demand. Turkish knives produce handmade Ertuğrul swords for the whole world. Ertuğrul swords are in great demand in all countries of the world.
The After today’s series, the old masters began to turn back. The swords we produce are in great demand after the series. Now the common name of all swords was Resurrection.
Our customers want the Resurrection sword.
They want us to write “IYI” stamp on Kayı neck, the names of people they will give or the verse and quran written on the swords they have made. The handmade swords didn’t sell so much. The series comes to life with old crafts. A handmade sword is made in 3-4 days. It weighs 1 to 1.5 pounds.

Don’t you want to buy a Resurrection Sword that you can display at the head of your house with the display stand?
You can personalize it by printing your name on it.
It’s a great choice to give to someone you love.
If you liked the Diriliş Ertugrul sword, you can buy it from our site.
All swords for sale are original copies and handmade swords. Dirilis Sword has high quality stainless steel blade. Those handmade swords are handcrafted to original versions by professional having experience of over a decade.

Handmade Dirilis Ertugrul Swords
During the centuries The Great Seljuks and Ottoman Empire had used those handmade swords in the battles. Many of those swords have blood groove on. Decorative Dirilis Sword has unique balance that you will feel at first sight. Then You can see the high quality blade. All of our handcrafted swords for sale are 2 year guaranteed and have life time caring service  in case they need care.

We ship to all countries. 

Europe: 2-3 business days
U.S-Canada: 2-4 business days
All other countries: 2-5 business days

All orders are shipped via  DHL Express 

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