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Turkish Pistachio is the best in all pistachio types worldwide. It has a unique taste and can be used in lots of sweets. It is used generally in the Turkish Baklava. In Turkey, there are 2 types of popular Turkish pistachios which are Turkish Antep Pistachio and Turkish Siirt Pistachio.  There are several types of Turkish Antep Pistachio (Gaziantep pistachios) such as powder, raw, roasted, shredded, shelled and unshelledWhere to buy Turkish pistachio nuts? You can buy Turkish Antep and Siirt pistachio with the best price on our website online. We sell only high quality, fresh, organic, natural and original Turkish Pistachios. According to your request, We can ship in a small package or bulk. We sell the best quality Pistachio Nuts to UK, USA, Canada, and all other countries from Turkey