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Turkish Cologne (Another Name: Turkish Kolonya, Eau de Cologne) is one of the essential scents of Turkish culture. According to Turkish Culture, If You host a guest at your house, Turkish Cologne is essential. All Turkish people always keep handy Kolonya in their house. The first cologne producer is Ahmed Faruki in Turkey. After that time, Turkish Kolonya began to be popular in Turkey and worldwide. You can relax and become cool by using Kolonya, It is the best benefit of it. Spray cologne is practical to use everywhere. It is suitable to use for men and women. There is lots of different type of Kolonya is been producing in Turkey. For example: Turkish Lemon Cologne, Rose, Special, Baby, Amber, Lavender, Classic Limon Kolanyası-Lemony, Ocean, Paris Nights, Tobacco, White Tea, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Ayvalık Olive Blossom, Çeşme Lemon, Bodrum Mandarin, Eau De Cologne, Jasmine, Gardenia, After Shave, Nature, Lime, Mandarine, Ice, Green Tea, Fig Blossom, Dark Spice, Aqua, Bouquet and more. Top Turkish Cologne Brands: Duru, Eyüp Sabri Tuncer, Pereja, Selin, Rebul, Gülçiçek, Bulvar, Taris, Berber and more. We sell only the best brands and Best Turkish Kolonya-Cologne directly from Istanbul for our valuable customers with the best and fast DHL Express shipping service.