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Turkish Herbal Soap - Olive Oil Classic

Turkish Herbal Soap - Olive Oil Classic
Turkish Herbal Soap - Olive Oil Classic
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Turkish Herbal Soap - Olive Oil Classic
Which is 50% olive oil, has been produced with 100% natural ingredients. The product, which is presented in 150 gram packages, has been created by hand using 100% herbal and traditional production methods suitable to the formula of the world-famous Marseille soap. This product, which melodiously brings together sandalwood tree, musks, and herbal scents in its base notes with the refreshing and vitality-giving aromas of olive, ylang ylang, rose, vanilla, patchouli, and sweet tones in its upper and middle notes, creates a relaxing spa effect in your bath. This product, which contains the therapeutical effects of the “liquid gold” olive oil known for being used for centuries to care for the skin and hair, cleans, nourishes, moisturizes, and refreshes your hands and skin without causing them to dry. Cleanses and softens the skin by protecting its natural balance. Can be used safely on all skin types.

Rinse your hands and your body with a good amount of water. Create a lather with plenty by massaging your hands or your body with Olive Oil Soap. Rinse off with plenty of water.

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