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Turkish Handmade Bath Knitting 100% Cotton-Glove

Turkish Handmade Bath Knitting 100% Cotton-Glove
Turkish Handmade Bath Knitting 100% Cotton-Glove
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  • Location: Istanbul-Turkey

Turkish Handmade Bath Knitting 100% Cotton - Glove

Handmade bath fibers reflecting the high quality traditional Anatolian culture. This beautiful bath knitting is perfect for experiencing hammam ritual! 

Of course, our goal is to clean while bathing. However, while bathing, it is necessary to clean the dead skin in our body, deeply cleanse the skin and purify the dirt in our body. Unfortunately, just making shower gel and soap is not enough. To achieve all of these, we definitely recommend bathing knitting. 

Bath knit has factors such as removing dead skin on the skin when used with shower gels or white soap suitable for your skin, helping to clean pores, facilitating the penetration of soap into the body or cleaning. The skin that is purified from dead skin is renewed more frequently and a fresh appearance is obtained. 

Since everything is known to be extremely harmful, excessive pressure should not be applied to the skin while using bath fiber. Excessive pressure can cause skin irritation. Apart from this, the use of scrub is a useful heritage to revitalize and revitalize the skin.

• Handmade
• %100 cotton thread
• Long lifetime
• Soft tissue

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