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Turkish Copper Water Jug Antique - Kani

Turkish Copper Water Jug Antique - Kani
Turkish Copper Water Jug Antique - Kani
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Turkish Copper Water Jug Antique - Kani

Antique Turkish Copper Jug products reflect the traditional history of Anatolia. In ancient times, copper handicrafts were used extensively in the villages. These handcrafted copper jug products, which have been used for centuries, have survived to the present day. Copper Jugs were particularly popular in Ottoman palaces as well. We offer these products reflecting the long and magnificent Turkish history for you. You can use this Turkish Copper Jug for decoration. It is also suitable to use in your kitchen to keep water or any other drinks safely. It keeps your water or any other drinks as cold long time.


Capacity: 2.0 Liter
Material: Copper
Interior Coating: Tin
Exterior Coating: -

*** %100 food-safe structure. High-quality copper body and coatings prevent the jug from tarnishing. Washing by hand is recommended.

Europe: 2-3 business days
For U.S-Canada: 2-4 business days
For the rest of the world: 2-5 business days

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