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Brand: Rebul Model: REB-01
Turkish Cologne Aqua - RebulRefreshing Effect of Blue Waters  The combination of fresh aromatic scents and warm woody scents opens the door to a refreshing and at the same time fascinating world. When you meet this unique fragrance, water tones enliven you with the refreshing effect of green le..
Brand: Rebul Model: REB-07
Turkish Cologne Bouquet - RebulSymbol of Nobility Peony Bouquet Our story begins with the meeting of Peony flower that heralds spring in Japan with Rebul Cologne. Delicate but energetic citrus fruits of the Mediterranean in the top notes, the euphoric peony in the middle notes, the nobility of the i..
Brand: Rebul Model: REB-08
Turkish Cologne Dark Spice - RebulThe Mysterious World of Spices Rebul Dark Spice, the cologne for the modern attractive man, awakens your senses with its energizing black pepper and sharp anise scent while giving the freshness of the first and fresh lemon. In the middle notes, the warmth of cardamo..
Brand: Rebul Model: REB-09
Turkish Cologne Fig Blossom - RebulSweet Fig Dream When you smell Rebul Fig Blossom, you will encounter the vivid scent of citrus fruits and bergamot that radiate joy and happiness. The scents of green plants that lie at the heart of the fragrance blend perfectly with white flowers, adding a sophist..
Brand: Rebul Model: REB-06
Turkish Cologne Green Tea - RebulAn Asian Miracle Green tea eau de cologne. While green tea helps the skin to be healthy and radiant with the many nutrients it contains, it also suits a cologne with its unique freshness. The softness in the top notes comes from the brew of transparent tea grains com..
Brand: Rebul Model: REB-05
Turkish Cologne Ice - RebulIce Freshness Whether it is summer or winter, when you open the lid of Rebul Ice, you feel the juicy citrus fruits and notes of water touching your face. Thanks to the mysterious African violet, gentle and transparent freesia, pineapple and green rosemary, which are the mi..
Brand: Rebul Model: REB-10
Turkish Cologne Jasmine - RebulJasmine Festival. In that gentle breeze from the shores of Southern Italy, the land of the most beautiful jasmine, the cocktail of red apple, juicy pear, sweet peach and exotic leach will make you feel like you are near orchards. After passing the orchards, the delicat..
Brand: Rebul Model: REB-02
Turkish Cologne Lavanda - RebulLavender Flowers Gathered Until Dawn. Our story begins with the meeting of Rebul cologne, the lavender plant, which gives a refreshing and coolness with the scent of the Mediterranean. As a result of this harmonious meeting, Rebul Lavanda Cologne, which has been used w..
Brand: Rebul Model: REB-04
Turkish Cologne Lime - RebulA Mediterranean Cool. With the essence of Sicilian lemon, aromatic bergamot, citrus fruits energizing the body and lily of the valley that encapsulates the fresh scent of spring, it comes together in Rebul Lime cologne to offer you a unique coolness and freshness. In addi..
Brand: Rebul Model: REB-03
Turkish Cologne Mandarine - RebulA Bodrum Breeze Mandarin Cologne. Bodrum Mandarine essence, fresh lime, white peach, mysterious purple African violet, romantic peony and delicate lily of the valley come together in Rebul Mandarine cologne and offer you a unique coolness and freshness. In addition t..
Brand: Rebul Model: REB-11
Turkish Cologne Nature - RebulA Miracle of Nature The notes of Italian bergamot and orange blossom give vitality to the body and freshness with green basil and galbanum. Rose and Mediterranean geranium, which encapsulate nature, come together in the Rebul Nature colony and offer you a unique coolnes..
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