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Vefa Boza Glass Bottle 1000L

Vefa Boza  Glass Bottle 1000L
Vefa Boza  Glass Bottle 1000L
Vefa Boza  Glass Bottle 1000L
Vefa Boza  Glass Bottle 1000L
Vefa Boza Glass Bottle 1000L

*** We ship glass bottle boza for only domestic address in Turkey. If you make order, we will ship as plastic bottle.

Vefa Boza Glass Bottle 1000L  /  "The oldest known Turkish drink ..." 

What are the benefits of bogus? Boza has a probiotic effect thanks to the active yeast it contains, as well as its pleasant aroma and it makes it easier to digest bowel activities and digestion. What is probiotic? They are living organisms that contain sufficient amounts of certain biological constituents, adhere to the human gut, and change microflora by shoveling and have a beneficial effect on the health of the person. Another simple description is probiotics; are living organisms that produce beneficial effects on human health when given in sufficient quantities.

- Thanks to the active yeast it contains, it boosts milk production in suckling mothers.

- Helps prevent the formation of carcinogenic substances such as nitrosamine in the body.

- There is probiotic effect due to active yeasts and beneficial bacteria contained.

- Infection, like infections, increases resistance to many infections.

- It is very beneficial for people who need energy because of rich protein and vitamin B content, for pregnants and sportsmen.

- Lactic acid formed during the fermentation of Bozan is very helpful in facilitating digestion.

- It has a regulatory role in the intestinal flora due to the lactic acid it contains. - Affects the activities of the stomach gland positively.

- B has an important role in feeding because it contains complex.

- There is a mind-opening effect and relaxing nerves.


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