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Turkish Bath-Hammam Scrubber Glove Green


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Pumpkin fiber that grows usually in wetlands in the country. First, peeled shells are peeled and then boiled with hot water, then pressed with pumpkin fiber.

Our pelleting and cellulite remover can accelerate blood flow and remove chemicals such as lotion, oil layer, deodorant that accumulates on the skin.

Turkish bath (TurkishHamam) is the Turkish variant of a steam bath, sauna, distinguished by a focus on water, as distinct from ambient steam.

In Western Europe, the 'Turkish bath' as a method of cleansing and relaxation became popular during the Victorian era. The process involved in taking a Turkish bath is similar to that of a sauna, but is more closely related to ancient Greek and ancient Roman bathing practices.

A person taking a Turkish bath first relaxes in a room (known as the warm room) that is heated by a continuous flow of hot, dry air allowing the bather to perspire freely. Bathers may then move to an even hotter room (known as the hot room) before splashing themselves with cold water. After performing a full body wash and receiving a massage, bathers finally retire to the cooling-room for a period of relaxation.

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