• Çaykur Sprout (Tomurcuk) Earl Grey Turkish Black Tea 200g (7.05oz) Grand Bazaar Istanbul Turkey

Çaykur Sprout (Tomurcuk) Earl Grey Turkish Black Tea 200g (7.05oz)

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Traditional Turkish %100 Original Leaves Pure Black Tea Antioxidant. Earl Grey tea, which can be used singly or with other normal teas to give some good flavors and smell to your tea...

You can buy Sprout  Early Grey Turkish Black Tea packet as 200g (7.05oz)

How do you steep the tea for best taste?

• You should protect your tea from humidity and water.
• When you make tea, use best water (not include more minerals(hard water), Water should be soft, clean
• Do not use aluminum teapot, and heat teapot before use(not very much)
• After add tea into teapot, you should bath it with cool water
• After boiling your water, dont be rash to steep your tea, Tea should be heated with steam of boiling water.
• Before steeping your tea, wait for water to be calm(don't put water on tea when it is boiling)
• NEVER heat well-steeped tea
• After speed tea, you should reduce heater level and wait for steeping your tea well.
• When you transfer your well-steeped tea into glass, First, You should heat your glass with boiling water...

Net Weight200g (7.05oz)
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