Turkish Natural Siirt Pistachios (Shelled)

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Is Siirt peanut a bit chubby, an insatiable taste for you?
You can't stop yourself, especially in front of the TV, can you?
Moreover, these delicious hazelnuts from Siirt not only cheer up your taste buds, they are also very beneficial for your health.
Benefit in Oil
The benefits of Siirt peanuts are endless. Some of those:
* Siirt peanut oil contains Omega 3 and Omega 6. Siirt peanut, which is considered as a heart-friendly food with this feature, lowers the level of malignant cholesterol in the blood and increases the level of benign cholesterol.
* E, C and E are rich in vitamins.
Siirt peanut is a pulp-rich food that ensures that the intestines work regularly.
* Reduces pain in gall bladder and kidneys.
* It facilitates the pouring of sands formed in kidneys and bladders.
* Pulmonary inflammation is effective in healing.
* Gives energy.
* Strengthens the body and mind.
Try it this way
As Siirt pistachios we all love as a snack, milk desserts and cakes also add a great flavor. Have you ever tried frying Siirt nuts and adding them to rice and salads?

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