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What's Turkish Delight? Turkish Delight (Meaning: Lokum, Lokoum, Loqum, Turkish Delight Candy) is the most popular Turkish traditional sweet. You can feel perfect taste while eating it with Turkish Coffee. You can buy the best quality Loqum on Stamboulbazaar Online Shop. There are many different flavored types of Turkish Lokum Candy such as Pistachio, Double Pistachio, Roasted, Saffron, Pomegranate, Rose, Lemon, Walnut, Hazelnut, Chocolate Covered, Turkish Viagra, Mixed Fruit, Nuts, Sugar-free, Diabetic and more. There are lots of Turkish Delight Recipe to make perfect Lokum in Anatolia and all chefs have a special handmade method to make Turkish Candy. We sell only authentic, organic, and quality Lokum. Best and Top Turkish Delight Brands: Hacı Bekir, Hacı Şerif, Koska, Hakkızade Hafız Mustafa, Turko Baba, Hazerbaba, Lokum İstanbul, Güllüoğlu, Cemilzade, Maccun, Safranbolu, Malatya Pazarı, İkbal, Lokumcuzade, Selamlique, Sultan and more. Is Turkish Delight Vegan? Yes, It is suitable for vegetarians people. Buy Turkish Delights from Istanbul/Turkey. We ship all products by using DHL Express Worldwide.

Brand: Lokumcuzade/Usaş Model: USLOK-008
Usaş Turkish Delight Lokumix with RoseLokum has been produced in Anatolia for 600 years. Its first appearance was in the 15th century. It entered the Ottoman palace in the 17th century. It was produced with a soft consistency upon the request of Abdulhamit I, one of the Otto..
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