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Turkish Boza Beverage-Vefa Boza

Turkish Boza Beverage-Vefa Boza
Turkish Boza Beverage-Vefa Boza
Turkish Boza Beverage-Vefa Boza
Turkish Boza Beverage-Vefa Boza
Turkish Boza Beverage-Vefa Boza
Turkish Boza Beverage-Vefa Boza
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Turkish Boza Beverage-Vefa Boza
Turkish Boza Beverage-Vefa Boza
Turkish Boza Beverage-Vefa Boza
Turkish Boza Beverage-Vefa Boza
Turkish Boza Beverage-Vefa Boza
Turkish Boza Beverage-Vefa Boza
Turkish Boza Beverage-Vefa Boza
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Turkish Boza /  "The oldest known Turkish drink ..."
- Thanks to the active yeast it contains, it boosts milk production in suckling mothers.
- Helps prevent the formation of carcinogenic substances such as nitrosamine in the body.
- There is probiotic effect due to active yeasts and beneficial bacteria contained.
- Infection, like infections, increases resistance to many infections.
- It is very beneficial for people who need energy because of rich protein and vitamin B content, for pregnants and sportsmen.
- Lactic acid formed during the fermentation of Boza is very helpful in facilitating digestion.
- It has a regulatory role in the intestinal flora due to the lactic acid it contains. - Affects the activities of the stomach gland positively.
- B has an important role in feeding because it contains complex.
- There is a mind-opening effect and relaxing nerves.
Boza is a fermented drink made from grains such as corn, barley, rye, oats, wheat or millet. It has been produced and consumed for over 8000 years, therefore it is one of the most historical drinks known in Turkish culinary culture.“Boza” comes from the word “buze” which means millet in Farsi language.
It has been a very popular drink throughout history in all regions governed by Turkish communities. It is high in calories and known to give warmth and a feel of nourishment to the human body. Boza is a winter drink and has been consumed widely in parts of the world where the climate is relatively colder. In times of famine throughout history, boza was the most important source of nourishment, due to its rich nature and also the ease of production with the grains readily available almost everywhere.
Boza can be made from any grain, millet however, is the most widely used grain and it yields the most delicious boza. During production of boza, millet is crushed into semolina size pieces and boiled. Next is the addition of water, sugar and a portion of the previous boza used as a starter yeast. Boza is then left for fermentation for 24 hours at 30 C (86 F). During the fermentation process, digestive features are formed.  When fermentation ends, boza is cooled to refrigerator temperature settled at about 4-5 C (40 F) and is ready to be served. Fresh-made boza needs to be consumed within the next five days.
Boza contains proteins, carbohydrates, fat and various vitamins - for this reason it is considered to be a very nutritious drink. It is also high in lactic acid which has positive effects on digestion and to the intestinal flora.
It is written in many sources that the Turks have been consuming boza for centuries, and this tradition has made its way into Ottoman food culture. This is especially clear from the fact that there were many shops selling boza all over the city of Istanbul during Ottoman period.
In modern day Turkey the health benefits of boza is emphasized. Especially pregnant and nursing woman and athletes are encouraged to drink boza. It has high levels of protein, carbohydrates and vitamin B. It also helps clear the mind and calm the nerves. 

Boza has a probiotic effect thanks to the active yeast it contains, as well as its pleasant aroma and it makes it easier to digest bowel activities and digestion. What is probiotic? They are living organisms that contain sufficient amounts of certain biological constituents, adhere to the human gut, and change microflora by shoveling and have a beneficial effect on the health of the person. Another simple description is probiotics; are living organisms that produce beneficial effects on human health when given in sufficient quantities.

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