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What is Baklava? Turkish Baklava is the most famous dessert and sweet in worldwide and Turkey (Anatolia-Middle Eastern). You can see different Turkish sweet baklava names such as Bucklava, Bavlaka, Baklawa, Balaclava, Balaklava, Turkish Nutty Pastry and Türk Baklavası. There are the popular questions "Where did baklava originate? or "Where is Baklava from?" Baklava Origin is Turkey, not other countries such as Greek, Syria, Iran, Egypt, India, etc. How to make it? Authentic, Original and Best Baklava should be made and cooked by professional Turkish chefs with special and traditional recipes. You can buy the world's best baklava only from Turkey. Some cities especially Gaziantep (Antep) famous with making professional and delicious Türk Baklava in the World. Quality Baklava does not contain non-quality nutritions such as Syrup to sweeten but should contain original sugar and nuts with thin doughs. They do not contain animal substances, which means all of these sweets are vegan. Normally, the quality of ingredients affects the selling price of the Baklava. There are lots of different type Baklava with different contents such as Birds Nest, Filo, Rolls, Assorted, Mixed, Wrapped, Almond, Square, Chocolate, Honey, Walnut, Special, Pistachio, Palace, Dry, Baked, Homemade, Mini, Wrap, Burma, Dolama, Sultani, Pasha, Sobiyet, Cimcik, Dürüm, Winding, Bülbül Yuvası, Sarma, Carrot Slice, Gluten Free, Diabetic, Sugar-Free and more. We sell best Baklava Brands' products such as Karaköy Güllüoğlu, Hafız Mustafa, Osmanlızadeler, Seyidoğlu, and Faruk Güllüoğlu. Where can you buy it? Online Baklava Store/Shop of Stamboulbazaar (Turkish Online Shop) will make easy to order directly from Istanbul-Turkey. All foods are shipped as with vacuumed package by DHL Express Shipping service. Do not wait to order online to get fresh and quality Assorted Box Baklava from Istanbul.
Brand: Stamboul Bazaar Model: GELT-01
Turkish Circle Churros Dessert - Halka TatlısıTurkish Circle Dessert is the most famous dessert in Turkey. You can find this traditional dessert all streets of Turkey. It has its own special taste. We sell fresh and delicious fresh desserts with professional selling and shipping service.&n..
Turkish Kadayif Ottoman with Pomegranate - Hafız Mustafa (2.0kg) Turkish Kadayif Ottoman with Pomegranate - Hafız Mustafa (2.0kg)
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Brand: Hafız Mustafa Model: HMB-20
Turkish Kadayif Ottoman with Pomegranate - Hafız Mustafa (2.0kg)Hafız Mustafa is one of the best baklava brands in Turkey. Turkish Baklava is the most famous sweet and dessert in Turkey and worldwide. Hafız Mustafa produces high quality, daily and fresh Turkish baklava. You will love the taste of th..
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Brand: Stamboul Bazaar Model: STAMDES-001
Turkish Tulumba - Churros DessertTurkish Tulumba is a popular and historical dessert. Tulumba (Bamiyeh) is a deep-fried dessert found in Ottoman cuisine and the regional cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire and ultimately originated in the Levant. Tulumba Dessert is a special type of dough fri..
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