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StamboulBazaar Premium Assorted Dried Fruit/Dried Nuts (Wooden Box)

StamboulBazaar Premium Assorted Dried Fruit/Dried Nuts (Wooden Box)
StamboulBazaar Premium Assorted Dried Fruit/Dried Nuts (Wooden Box)
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StamboulBazaar Premium Assorted Dried Fruit/Dried Nuts (Wooden Box)

Premium Series StamboulBazaar, which is the center of healthy and delicious consumption with its decades of experience, brings you delicious and fresh products in special packages! The Premium Series, which is indispensable for daily meals with its unique flavors and nutritional features, and dried fruits and dried fruits, which are stylish treats for special occasions; It is offered to your appreciation as one of the concept products of StamboulBazaar!

Flashy and Authentic Presentations

The Premium Series, which has mainly flavors from Ottoman cuisine, contains a very rich variety prepared with products such as cezerye, lokum, amulet and dried fruits, which are compatible with each other. StamboulBazaar's Premium Series that not only appeals to different tastes but also attracts attention with its visuality; It consists of presentation alternatives that are lined in a cage or velvet box, designed with single or two-layer options and animated with ornaments such as stony caftan and Ottoman monogram. The Premium Series, which includes thematic designs in different wooden boxes, with different colors such as Ortaköy and Istanbul; Authentic and stylish options that can be preferred as a gift for celebrations or congratulations, especially on special occasions such as Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, etc.

You can examine the Premium Series in the online store of StamboulBazaar, where you can find special flavors of mixed nuts and dried fruits, through the online catalog. You can order the products you like at any time of the day with one of the secure payment methods offered to you.

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